Wu-Tang Clan Still Refreshingly Old-School

Photo: Semmer / face to face / Retna

1. Wu Tang Clan, “Crooklyn Dodgers”
Ghostface drops a killer two minutes of old-school knowledge on this track from a Wu-Tang mixtape released last week. At the sound of the finger cymbals, the time will be head-nod o’clock. [Gorilla vs. Bear]

2. Britney Spears, “Gimme More (Junkie XL remix)”
Holland’s Junkie XL updates Britney’s single, making her sound cold, mean, and disjointed. Even more than usual. [Get Weird]

3. Band of Horses, “Plans” (Grizzly Bear cover)
BOH cover this Grizzly Bear chestnut (from GB’s first record, released three years ago). [Pretty Much Amazing]

4. José González, “Teardrop (live)”
Instead of sounding like someone from Zero 7 covering Massive Attack, this show closer sounds more like something from the Chieftains. We know it’s been around for a while, but we still like it. [Butter Team]

5. Radiohead, “The Headmaster Ritual” (Smiths cover)
Is it as awesome as you might expect? Yes! [Stereogum] —Ehren Gresehover

Wu-Tang Clan Still Refreshingly Old-School