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Zooey Deschanel Outlines Nerd Escape Plan

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“I don’t know how well prepared I could be. Maybe stock up on saltine crackers and Arrowhead bottled water. I’ll get some nonperishables in my house and hole up for the winter.” Tin Man star Zooey Deschanel on how she plans to hide from her new sci-fi fans [TONY]

“If you are going after those evildoers, you want Norris with you. That’s how I look at it. Norris for secretary of Defense. I feel safer already.” —Democratic strategist Rick Taylor, upon learning that Chuck Norris has endorsed Mike Huckabee for president [LAT]

“[N]erds love complaining. You go on [the Web site for] Ain’t It Cool News, and everybody complains about everything. They could find out Jesus Christ was making a movie with Frank Miller, and they’d say, ‘That’s a terrible combination!’” Seth Rogen on fan reaction to his being cast as the Green Hornet [MTV]

“I felt sorry for her, because I think she needs psychiatric help. I felt like she’s bipolar. [I] even called her mom, and I stressed to her, ‘Yo, you need to get her psychiatric help.’”
Wyclef Jean on why the Fugees reunion with Lauryn Hill didn’t work out [Rolling Stone]

“When the paramedics are called, it’s always a good sign. That shows real determination as a fan.” Victoria Beckham [People]
—Matt Demblowski

Zooey Deschanel Outlines Nerd Escape Plan