Ashlee Simpson Records First Passable Song

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1. Ashlee Simpson, “Outta My Head’”
Our fourth-favorite Simpson (after Homer, Bart, and O.J.) redeems herself, sort of, with the help of Timbaland. [Pretty Much Amazing]

2. Sunset Rubdown, “Idiot Body”
Sunset Rubdown plays a brand-new, unreleased song for Daytrotter that sounds more like something from Wolf Parade. We guess that when you’re in as many indie bands as Spencer Krug, it must be hard to keep them all straight. [Daytrotter]

3. Death Ramps, “Nettles”
Death Ramps sounds like it’s the name of a new skateboarding documentary, but actually it’s just the Arctic Monkeys recording a typical Arctic Monkeys song under a different name, for no reason that we can discern. [Your Head’s Not Right]

4. Shane Fontane, “Laptop Yo”
Shane Fontane “don’t need no decks” because his “MacBook Pro makes the crowd go.” This holiday season, Steve Jobs hopes he’s right. [Imageyenation]

5. Mikrofisch, “The Kids Are All Shite”
Not since Pavement’s “Gold Sounds” has an indie band come out so hard against the music tastes of teenagers. If you know what we’re talking about, then this song isn’t about you. [Buscate un Novio]
—Ehren Gresehover

Ashlee Simpson Records First Passable Song