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Ben Kingsley to Steal ‘Shutter Island’ From Underneath Leonardo DiCaprio

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Kingsley Shuttered: Ben Kingsley joins Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo in Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of the Dennis Lehane thriller Shutter Island. If too many more awesome actors join this cast, DiCaprio will have to quit at the last minute, forcing the filmmakers to hire Russell Crowe in a panic. [Variety]

Scott Dons Gucci: Ridley Scott will direct a Fox 2000 feature about the glamorous shenanigans of the Gucci family in the seventies and eighties. Look, if they’re gonna make this anyway, Scott gets credit for saving us all from the Joel Schumacher version. [Variety]

Cop Carr: Why, whoever should direct Mall Cop, the hotly awaited Kevin James vehicle about a mild-mannered security guard forced into action when thieves take over his mall? Why, Steve Carr, helmer of Are We Done Yet?, Daddy Day Care, and Next Friday! He’s our man! If he can’t make this the most idiotic waste of time inflicted on the American public in 2008, nobody can! [Variety]

Rock n’ Run: Kid Rock’s Rock and Roll Revival tour will kick off late next month, and will now feature Rev. Run of Run-DMC as a special guest. Um … wow. We’d love to see Rev. Run again, but … what a price to pay. [Billboard]

Nicolas Cage Hates You: Nicolas Cage tells Coming Soon that he’d like to do more National Treasure sequels and at least one more Ghost Rider movie. He added that he’d like to rub random strangers with poison ivy and drink from the skulls of babies. [Coming Soon]

Ben Kingsley to Steal ‘Shutter Island’ From Underneath Leonardo DiCaprio