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Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Wonton Soup’

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Johnny Boyo could have had it all. Women. Money. Fame. He was one of the premier chefs in the galaxy, and his culinary skills could have made him a star. So with everything he ever dreamed of his for the taking, why would Johnny leave it all behind to become a space trucker? Not even Citrus Watts, the girl he left behind at culinary school, knows for sure.

Today on the Comics Page, we’re proud to present an excerpt from Wonton Soup, a manga–meets–Gahan Wilson–meets–Iron Chef space-trucker opera by James Stokoe, on sale now from Oni Press.

Wonton Soup, by James Stokoe

What happens next? Read Wonton Soup, out now from Oni Press.

Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Wonton Soup’