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Danger Mouse’s Unmade Bed Now ‘Times’-Worthy

Danger Mouse, who enjoys sleeping in a bed.Photo: Getty Images

It’s a real shame that for some reason we can’t find Sunday’s “Arts & Leisure” photo-essay of Danger Mouse’s recording studio online.* We loved it because it served as the anti-“Domains”; the grubby, semi-crappy studio, with mattresses propped up in the bathroom and Danger’s unmade bed sitting in the middle of the floor, is the perfect antithesis of the Times Magazine’s housing-porn section, where happy, rich creative types tell you about their impeccable taste.

In the “Arts & Leisure” feature, Danger reveals that he has a bed on his floor because he likes to sleep there sometimes, and that he tapes photos of boxers to his mirror because he likes the way they look. Also, he jots down reminders on Post-Its. Danger Mouse: He’s just like us!

*Update: We found it! We forgot how ugly that couch is.

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Danger Mouse’s Unmade Bed Now ‘Times’-Worthy