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Did Will Smith Just Ruin His Nonexistent Chances at an Oscar?

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Might I Am Legend star Will Smith’s increasingly erratic behavior cost him the Academy Award that, let’s be honest, he was never going to win anyway, not in a million years? The L.A. TimesTom O’Neil thinks so! Despite the fact that Legend is a movie about the last survivor of a flu outbreak that turns everyone in the world into flesh-eating mutants, Warner Bros. has apparently decided to spend actual money pushing Smith for a Best Actor Oscar. But thanks to a verbal gaffe during an interview scheduled to air on 60 Minutes this Sunday night (“I’ve never viewed myself as particularly talented,” he apparently says), O’Neil thinks Smith’s chances just went from zero to even less than zero.

Also, at a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, Smith accidentally revealed secret I Am Legend plot details while answering a question. “Don’t give away the ending!” shouted Akiva Goldsman, the film’s producer, while “holding his head in anguish.” Yikes! We hope Smith hasn’t already written the acceptance speech which he definitely would never have had to give!

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Did Will Smith Just Ruin His Nonexistent Chances at an Oscar?