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Edward Norton to Star in ‘Leaves of Grass’ — Really!

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Edward Norton Leaves: Edward Norton stars in the long-awaited action-packed feature film of Walt Whitman’s breathless page-turner Leaves of Grass! Just kidding, it’s actually a comedic thriller written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, in which Norton plays identical twin brothers, one of whom is an Ivy League professor while the other is a pot-smoking criminal. [Variety]

Jolie to Spy for Paramount: Paramount acquires life rights to Kathi Lyn Austin, an intelligence operative who worked in field operational all over the world dealing with arms trafficking, as the basis for an Angelina Jolie action vehicle. While Jolie plans to develop the material into a franchise, Kathi Lyn Austin plans to take her money and retire to the countryside with Lara Croft and Mrs. Smith. [Variety]

Jackson Unfinished: Samuel L. Jackson signs on for Unfinished Country, about an ethically questionable hospital administrator in South Africa’s Soweto ghetto who gets caught in a gang war. Following rabid fan comments on the Internet, reshoots will likely provide Jackson the opportunity to declare that he’s had it with those motherfuckin’ gang members in his motherfuckin’ Soweto hospital. [HR]

Elephant Newton John: Wyclef Jean, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Shaggy, Yung Joc, and Swizz Beats will all guest on Elephant Man’s forthcoming album, Let’s Get Physical, due next month. Man, a lot of people owe Elephant Man a lot of favors. [Billboard]

X-Files Getting Cool Again: The upcoming X-Files sequel is looking like a more palatable project as director Chris Carter adds Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, and Xzibit to the cast. Obviously, Xzibit will be playing an FBI agent. [HR]

Park Roles Snake Eyes: /Film reports that Ray Park, most famous as Darth Maul from the first Star Wars prequel, will join the cast of G.I. Joe as Snake Eyes, arguably the toy line’s most popular character. Park was probably able to nab the role from bigger names owing to the fact that the character wears a black mask all the time and never talks. [/Film]

Edward Norton to Star in ‘Leaves of Grass’ — Really!