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Ellen Page Is Ready to Talk About the Nuts for Once

Ellen Page at last night’s screening.Photo: Getty Images

After last night’s screening of Juno, Ellen Page worked the room at the Four Seasons looking incredibly tiny, since we’d just watched her lug around a big prosthetic belly in the film. Hoping to get her to pull a Katherine Heigl, we asked her about any competition between Knocked Up and Juno, but diplomatic Page passed it up. “Why, is there one?” Well, not officially, but a lot of critics have been pointing out the differences between these two unintended-pregnancy movies … “I love Knocked Up,” Page said firmly. “I think it’s a great movie, but they’re very different films. They just have a similar circumstance.” About that circumstance — does she ever wear that belly to get good parking spaces or cut in line? “No, I haven’t, but that’s a good sneaky idea,” she laughed.

What about Michael Cera — did he keep his costume and run around in those hot little shorts? “No, I don’t think he was too crazy about the shorts. I was crazy about them though! But I think he felt objectified.” Well, good. It’s about time we had a movie where the guy is objectified instead of the girl. “Yeah! Let’s talk about the nuts for once, and not the tits,” says Page. “I’ll say it.” What else will she say? About, for instance, abstinence-only sex education in schools? “Teenagers are having sex, so why don’t we talk about it and put it out in the open? I had great sex education when I was in school, and I definitely don’t plan on getting pregnant. I know how to prevent it.” Us too: Stay away from Michael Cera in those shorts. —Amy Preiser

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Ellen Page Is Ready to Talk About the Nuts for Once