Green Day Play Dress-up

Photo: Robert E. Klein / Retna

1. Foxboro Hottubs, “Highway 1”
Green Day got tired of playing their own songs, so they changed their name and recorded an EP of Hives-ish garage rock. Sort of like when Garth Brooks made an album as Chris Gaines, but several thousand times less terrible. [Official site]

2. DJ Le Clown, “She’s a Model’”
DJ Le Clown slaps together Missy Elliott with a cover of Kraftwerk song by Snakefinger, guitarist for the Residents. It probably shouldn’t work, but, miraculously, it does. [Mashup Town]

3. Lykke Li, “Little Bit”
Lykke Li, who’s currently working on a debut album, sounds a lot like Friday Hyvonnen and Robyn, and a little bit like the Knife. (As you might’ve guessed, she’s Swedish.) [Zeon

4. Boris feat. Merzbow, “Ibitsu”
Give your loved ones the gift of bleeding ears and confusion this year with Boris’s brand-new double album, Rock Dreams, documenting a 2006 show in which the band was joined by the giant, fire-breathing godfather of noise, Merzbow. [Raven Sings the Blues]

5. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, “Aspidistra”
While this track from SYGC’s new album is an earnest and unapologetic confessional about the singer’s drug-dealing past, it’s safe to say that nobody will be confusing these guys with Jay-Z. [Broadcaster House]
—Ehren Gresehover

Green Day Play Dress-up