Hear Our Favorite New Lupe Fiasco Song!

Photo: Robb D. Cohen / Retna

1. Lupe Fiasco, “Go Go Gadget Flow”
Picking our favorite track on Lupe’s new album was easy since, well, this is the one we like. [Haashish Muzak]

2. Xiu Xiu, “I Do What I Want When I Want”
This new track takes some perfectly inoffensive “do do do“‘s and some happy xylophone-playing, runs them through a spooky electronic filter, and once again proves that Xiu Xiu write the catchiest non-catchy songs in indie rock. [Pitchfork]

3. The Virgins, “Rich Girl”
A little advice for the Virgins: Maybe if you spent less time insulting girls, you might get to change the name of your band. [Butter Team]

4. Medina, “Number Man”
We’re not sure if he’s “as real as they come,” but with a flow reminiscent of Jay-Z, spooky beats courtesy of Timbaland, and some pretty hard-core lyrics about his mentally ill mother, we suspect he’s at least real enough to get a record deal (if such things still exist). [It’s the Money Shot]

5. Wire, “23 Years Late”
Post-punk legends put out a brand-new sprawling track that seems to give all the young folks a hard time about being born after 1975. This might come off as pretentious, pedantic, or even a bit crotchety, if it didn’t sound so smart and rock so hard. [Sound Bites]

6. Magnetic Fields, “California Girls”
Another leaked track from the new Magnetic Fields record. Let’s just say that Stephin Merritt doesn’t wish they all could be California girls. [The Walrus]
—Ehren Gresehover

Hear Our Favorite New Lupe Fiasco Song!