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Ike Turner Rides a Rocket 88 to Heaven or Wherever

Photo: WireImage

Ike Turner Dies: The rock and R&B legend, and onetime not-so-great husband of Tina Turner, passes away in his home in California. [TMZ]

Sidney Kimmel Is the Nicest Guy in Hollywood: Seriously, mogul David Begelman stole millions from Kimmel, and he still thinks the movie business is quite the larf. [NYT]

Nifty New Photo of Where the Wild Things Are: No real news here; we just think this looks great. [/Film]

Will Arnett Is a Sentient Car:
Comedian slash actor slash Gap model slash Amy Poehler’s husband Will Arnett will be the voice of KITT in NBC’s new Knight Rider. Hasselhoff and Arnett? This is starting to sound more and more like a sitcom. [AICN]

Journeyman Takes Its Last Trip: NBC’s time-travel drama Journeyman is effectively canceled as the network declines to pick up the series’ option. Star Kevin McKidd currently heading back in time to eliminate NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman. [HR]

Ike Turner Rides a Rocket 88 to Heaven or Wherever