Merry Christmas from Nelly Furtado, hardcore weirdos.

The group responsible for this seven-inch single — turntable not included! — may be a Canadian hardcore band named Fucked Up, but we assure you that it’s not a cynical regard for the holidays that has us recommending it. On the A side you’ll find a distorted but chipper ditty, “David Christmas,” wherein lead singer Pink Eye shrieks “Meeerrry Christmas everybody!” Side B’s “Stars of 45” is even better: Over delicate strings, a bizarre coterie of Fucked Up’s friends, acquaintances, and total strangers — folks like James Murphy, Cole Alexander, Matt Sweeney, Davey Havok, and, uh, Nelly Furtado — wish everyone a very happy holiday. Shenae Grimes from Degrassi: The Next Generation contributes our favorite line, an inclusive “Merry fucking whatever!”

“David Christmas” b/w “Stars on 45”

Fucked Up


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Merry Christmas from Nelly Furtado, hardcore weirdos.