Lil Wayne Gets a Second Opinion

Photo: FilmMagic

1. Lil Wayne, “Ask Some Hoes’”
Lil Wayne boasts about his player credentials, but if you want a more unbiased opinion, he invites the listener to “ask some hoes about it.” It’s hard to know whether he should fire his image consultant or give him a raise. [Attorney St.]

2. Coldplay, “Rich Girl”
A band that has always sounded like a pale imitation of Radiohead releases a somewhat lifeless copy of a Pretenders song while claiming that they really wish they could write songs like the Pogues. [Fuel Friends]

3. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, “Baltimore”
This new song released on Matador’s blog is loose, catchy, and fun. Not as good as Pavement, but what do you want at five on a Friday? [Matablog]

4. Bangers & Cash, “Loose”
This track is dirty, dirty, dirty, and we’re not even talking about the porn-star video reminiscent of NERD’s “Lapdance.” Okay, maybe we are talking about the video. [Republic, Um]

5. Wakey Wakey, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
How can anyone turn a fun song about having fun into such a mopey bummer? It’s not a bad song, but he should’ve changed the name to “Boys Just Wanna Be a Big Downer.” [The World Forgot]
—Ehren Gresehover

Lil Wayne Gets a Second Opinion