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McLovin Returns!

Christopher Mintz-PlassePhoto: Getty Images

Too Much Apatow Awesomeness: Oliver Platt, David Cross, and Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse join stars Jack Black and Michael Cera in the Harold Ramis–directed, Judd Apatow–produced Year One, described as “a comedy set in biblical times.” Early contender for Best Film of ’08, or the dreaded End of the Streak? [HR]

Williams to Shutter at DiCaprio: Michelle Williams joins the cast of Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island as the wife of the detective played by Leonardo DiCaprio. A crappy role for an Oscar nominee? Readers of Dennis Lehane’s source novel will remember that she plays a key (and scene-chewing) role in the shocker ending. [HR]

Swank Off to Fangland: Hilary Swank is in talks to star in a feature adaptation of the recent John Marks novel Fangland, about a modern-day Dracula attacking the offices of a newsmagazine based on 60 Minutes. No word on the rest of the cast; does Christopher Plummer still have his Mike Wallace wig? [Variety

Attention Tourists!: John Schneider (or “Bo Duke,” for those keeping score at home from 1979 to 1985) will do the washed-up leading man’s obligatory stint as Billy Flynn in the Broadway production of Chicago, starting next month. [Playbill]

Madonna Gives Album Faintly Lewd Name: Madonna announces that her new album — her last under her Warner Bros. contract — will be titled Licorice, probably because … well, it has the syllable “lick” in it, we guess, and the cover will probably show her … oh, it’s all so wearying. [Billboard]

McLovin Returns!