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Nicolas Cage Totally Ready to Party

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“We’re done with the whole back story now; he should come back, but this time he should come back drinking.” Nicolas Cage on his ideas for the Ghost Rider sequel, Ghost Rider II: Leaving Las Vegas [MTV]

“Set up a website and tell the entire world, via the internet, your own anecdote about some of the witless boobs you have endured in Hollywood and beyond. The strike will end in a week.” Alec Baldwin on bringing down the suits in Hollywood [HuffPo]

“As a person, he’s a nice guy, and as an actor, he’s very talented, but as a professional, he’s a shit.” Paul Schrader, mildly disappointed that Woody Harrelson isn’t promoting his new movie, The Walker [NYO]

“I don’t think anyone was too big on me making drug references, which I never even said I’d do. I was asked … it was strongly hinted that playing ‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ probably wasn’t the best thing.” Tom Petty on playing the Super Bowl halftime show. [Rolling Stone]

“In Mexico, they had these plaster figurines, and I guess rather than find a mold of Homer, they just smoothed over Bart’s head and painted a muzzle on it. Instant Homer. I loved those.” Dan Castellaneta on his favorite Simpsons knockoff [A.V. Club]
—Stan Park

Nicolas Cage Totally Ready to Party