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Pee-Wee Rides Again!

Photo: Getty Images

Two New Pee-Wee Movies! Paul Reubens has announced that he’s developing two new movies featuring Pee-Wee Herman. Hooray! [MTV]

Anderson Goes to the Theatre: X-Files star Gillian Anderson has been named the new host of PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre. She’s expected to be more skeptical of the masterpieces than previous hosts. [AP]

Big Shots Canned: Rather than suffer the indignity (or terrible ratings) of airing one more new episode of its male-centric Desperate Housewives ripoff Big Shots, ABC has decided to cancel it and air reruns of Private Practice instead. [Yahoo]

Van Halen’s Yard a Total Mess: Following the break of a water main near Eddie Van Halen’s Los Angeles home, the guitarist’s yard has been flooded with thousands of gallons of water. Vulture sends its condolences to all affected shrubberies. [AP]

TV Critics Say, “Ah, Screw It”: Thanks to the ongoing writers’ strike, the Television Critics Association is canceling its annual January meeting where networks usually promote their new shows. Instead, everyone will stay at home and watch reruns of Private Practice. [Yahoo]

This Jeopardy Host Was Hospitalized Last Night After Suffering a Minor Heart Attack. Too soon? [ET Online]

Pee-Wee Rides Again!