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Radiohead Deem Themselves Not Famous Enough

Radiohead Gets Commercial: Little-known English quintet Radiohead are taking out paid ads on TV to promote the forthcoming release of their already-released album In Rainbows. Here’s hoping this will finally get them some attention. [Pitchfork]

Be in Kevin Smith’s Provocatively Titled New Movie: Portly sassmouth Kevin Smith is looking for extras to appear in his upcoming movie Zack & Miri Make a Porno. The job only pays $60 a day but will likely be far less embarrassing than appearing in Jersey Girl. [Silent Bob Speaks]

American Idol Cuts Back on Celebrities: The producers of American Idol are promising fewer celebrity judges on the show’s upcoming seventh season, because they now realize how absurd it is to have Fergie tell anyone they suck. [MTV]

New Cloverfield Clip! The release of Cloverfield is still over a month away, but you can watch five minutes of the film now. It’s scary! [1-18-08 News]

Jessica Simpson Straight to DVD: Jessica Simpson’s new movie Blonde Ambition will forgo a theatrical release on the count of it being terrible. [US Weekly]

Radiohead Deem Themselves Not Famous Enough