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So, How Bad Will ‘The Golden Compass’ Flop This Weekend?

Courtesy of New Line

Compass to Bomb? Despite the very best efforts of the Catholic League to make sure everyone knows about the movie, The Golden Compass (budgeted at more than $200 million) is on track to make only $20–$30 million this weekend. Also, Nikki Finke thinks New Line leaked the Sex and the City: The Movie trailer this morning to distract the company’s shareholders. So problem solved, we guess. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Oh, Did You Actually Want to See the Trailer for Sex and the City: The Movie? Fine, here it is. [Daily Intel]

AMPTP: Huge Jerks?: There’s a rumor going around that says the AMPTP might abruptly cut off negotiations with the Writers Guild, accuse them of stalling, and completely give up on the spring and fall TV seasons in an effort to prolong the writers’ strike. Then they will burn down an orphanage and stomp on kittens. [Variety]

100 Problems?: Contract-renewal talks between Universal Music and Def Jam president Jay-Z have reportedly broken down because Jay wanted a huge raise and Universal hasn’t sold a single CD in nine years. [NYDN]

RIP: German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen died today at 79. [AP]

So, How Bad Will ‘The Golden Compass’ Flop This Weekend?