Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder Get Stoned Together

Photo: WireImage

1. Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder, “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35”
Petty and Vedder together on some stage somewhere doing a Dylan cover. This is a bit of a throwaway, but it does give you a glimpse of the future of classic-rock radio. [Berkeley Place]

2. Puppini Sisters, “Crazy in Love”
Beyoncé’s biggest hit performed as if it were on the Triplets of Belleville soundtrack. This is the best track you’ll hear for the rest of 2007. [Coverfreak]

3. Ying Yang Twins/Switch, “Jigglin’ (Tittsworth Remix)”
Tittsworth stitches two disparate songs together with a kids’-show sample from the eighties. “This is sick,” indeed. [Discobelle]

4. The Real People, “Untitled”
An early demo by an even younger Zach Condon before he formed Beirut. Some of his Balkanesque touches are in evidence, but mostly the Real People sounds more like the Fake Magnetic Fields. [Indiechristoph]

5. Afternoon Naps, “Clean Bill of Health”
Pleasantly strummy, this new single by Afternoon Naps will definitely be the first song stuck in our heads in 2008, but only because we’ll have been listening to that “Crazy in Love” cover for 24 hours straight by that point and will need something new. [Indie-mp3]
—Ehren Gresehover

Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder Get Stoned Together