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Vulture Celebrates the Year in Vulture

As 2007 draws to a close, and Vulture’s editors begin their New Year’s celebrations ten days early, we look back on a year filled with triumph, tragedy, and all things in between. Sure, the writers went on strike, The Golden Compass failed to turn America’s children into atheists, and we never found out if Tony Soprano got whacked, but somehow we managed to stay entertained (and, we hope, entertaining). We’ll be back on December 31, but before we go, we celebrate a few of Vulture’s greatest hits.

Vulture’s Ten Most Popular Posts of 2007 (Among Readers):

1. Build Your Own ‘Simpsons’ Character!

2. Eli Roth Has His Dirk Diggler Moment (NSFW)

3. Trent Reznor and Saul Williams Discuss Their New Collaboration, Mourn OiNK

4. Universal Music CEO Doug Morris Speaks, Recording Industry in Even Deeper Shit Than We Thought

5. Paris Gets Political. Also: Naked (NSFW)

6. ‘Simpsonize Me’ Fails to Meet Usual High Standards for ‘Simpsons’ Online Crap

7. Former Jay-Z Associate De-Haven Tells His Side

8. The Ten Most Incomprehensible Bob Dylan Interviews of All Time

9. J.J. Abrams’s ‘Cloverfield’ Wraps — and We’ve Got the Call Sheet That Might Spoil the Ending

10. The Ten Video Games That Should Be Movies (and the Directors Who Should Make Them)

Vulture’s Ten Most Popular Posts of 2007 (Among Vulture Editors):

1. What Other Crap Can Damien Hirst Encrust In Diamonds?

2. Guns N’ Roses Handily Outdone by Guy on YouTube

3. Ten Directors Who Could Make an Even Unsexier Sex Movie Than Quentin Tarantino

4. Is the ‘Cloverfield’ Monster the Lamisil Toenail Goblin?

5. Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Hunter: Our Nation’s Shame

6. Harry Potter: The Complete Obituaries

7. The True Cost of Music Piracy

8. Update: Ghostface Killah’s Hat Now on eBay!

9. We’ve Got Dave Eggers’s and Spike Jonze’s Script for ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

10. ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Develops Ingenious Method for Scientifically Measuring the Absurdity of ‘24’

Vulture’s Least Popular Post Ever (Among Everyone):

What Happens When a 32-Year-Old Blogger Tries to Play With His Old Transformers Toys?

Vulture Celebrates the Year in Vulture