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Week in Review: So Long, Bonanza City

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Looking back on a week in which we did not get the Led out

We bid farewell to the children of Kid Nation. All the ones that lived, anyway.

Khaled Hosseini talked burkas. Ellen Page talked nuts.

New York City got blowed up.

We took note of the one deserved Grammy nomination.

Art Basel Miami closed out in style.

Led Zeppelin returned! So did wangs!

Audiences revolted at Neil Young and Hall and Oates shows.

The Golden Globe nominees were announced, and James Gandolfini was not among them. Seriously, WTF?

Film critics had a snoot-off.

Beck freaked us out a little.

Christians declared The Golden Compass certified rotten.

Vulture saved Cavemen (sort of)!

Week in Review: So Long, Bonanza City