Which Terrible Artist Will Sweep Tomorrow’s Grammy Nominations?

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The Grammy nominations will be announced tomorrow morning, and everybody’s speculating over who they’ll go to, even though we’ve never in our entire lives met anyone who gets even a little excited about the Grammys. The L.A. TimesExtended Play blog thinks the Album of the Year noms will most likely go to Bruce Springsteen, Linkin Park, Paul McCartney, Kanye West, and Amy Winehouse, but that strikes us as pretty optimistic since we actually like four of those artists. If the Grammy Awards’ spotty history has taught us anything, it’s that someone we hate will be nominated in every single category, including Best Spoken-Word Comedy Album and Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album, and win practically all of them.

So who will it be this year? Rascal Flatts? Maybe Fergie, whose album technically came out last year but spawned three hit singles (she’ll be at the announcement ceremony tomorrow, which is usually a pretty good indication she’ll get something). We’re guessing Daughtry won’t go home empty-handed either, as his record is the fastest-selling debut in Soundscan history, plus he’s really, really annoying. And the Eagles’ album came out after the September 30 eligibility deadline, but exceptions have been made for them before. Most likely, it’ll be some hugely successful radio band that no one’s never heard of.

So which great artists will the bad ones inevitably defeat at the February 8 ceremony? Definitely Bruce Springsteen, probably Paul McCartney, possibly Kanye West, and maybe Amy Winehouse, pretty much 2007’s only breakout rock star with big sales (even though Perez Hilton probably had way more to do with her success than her label’s marketing staff).

Who definitely won’t be nominated for anything? Let’s check our iPods: R. Kelly; LCD Soundsystem; Arcade Fire; M.I.A.; Ghostface; the White Stripes; Bloc Party; Andrew Bird; the Good, the Bad and the Queen; Rufus Wainwright; Wilco; Arctic Monkeys; Lil Wayne; Spoon; Panda Bear; PJ Harvey; Justice; Jay-Z; and basically anyone you liked in 2007.

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Which Terrible Artist Will Sweep Tomorrow’s Grammy Nominations?