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Will Smith Falls in Love With His ‘I Am Legend’ Co-star

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

“I was begging him. I was like, ‘Please let me have Abbey. Please, please, please let me have her.’ But you know, she has her own family now so it was just another one of those fleeting Hollywood romances.” Will Smith on Abbey, who played his dog in I Am Legend [Access Hollywood via MSNBC]

“It wasn’t a political gesture. Honest to God, I wasn’t trying to put a thin mustache on Giuliani.” Aaron Sorkin on Rudy Giuliani’s presence in Charlie Wilson’s War [NYT]

“I’m hoping to! [But] I’ve got kids to put through college. And the things I want to direct probably won’t pay me well.” Tim Roth, who would like to step behind the camera again, once he works out his financial situation [LAT]

“Take a shit before you leave the house — nothing is worse than having to doo-doo when you have important shit to do.” —An excerpt from Ghostface Killah’s new book, The World According to Pretty Toney [Rolling Stone]

“Maybe the baby’s going to come out with his hands on his ears.” Helena Bonham Carter on practicing the songs for Sweeney Todd while pregnant [People]

Will Smith Falls in Love With His ‘I Am Legend’ Co-star