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America’s Soldiers Demand More Wilmer Valderrama

Photo illustration: iStockphoto (flag); Patrick McMullan (Wilmer)

Our favorite passage from this morning’s moderately inspiring Times piece about ex-Marine Adam Driver who, now a student at Juilliard, organized an evening of theater at USMC Camp Pendleton starring Laura Linney, Tracie Thoms, and David Denman:

te>But the USO passed. In an interview Bernie Rone, the director of celebrity entertainment recruiting at the USO, said his main concern was that the project did not involve enough high-profile names for the military to be interested.

“They have to be celebrities, acts that the troops are requesting,” Mr. Rone said, mentioning recent appearances by the country singer Toby Keith and the actor Wilmer Valderrama.

Yes. We are certain that the USO office is literally buried in letters and telegrams from the troops requesting Wilmer Valderrama.

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America’s Soldiers Demand More Wilmer Valderrama