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Attractive Actress Cast As Bond Girl

Gemma ArtertonPhoto: Getty Images

See? She Looks Great!: Don’t worry, there’s no reason you should have heard of Gemma Arterton, who signs on as the new Bond girl in the as-yet-untitled 22nd James Bond film. According to IMDb, she’s pretty, she’s British, she’s RADA-trained, she’s never been in anything you’ve ever heard of, and she’s at least three times as qualified as Denise Richards. [Variety]

Tommy Turns the Century: Tommy Tune is back! The famed musical-theater hyphenate will direct the world premiere of a comic time-travel musical by Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman titled Turn of the Century. [Backstage]

Haggis May Apprentice: United Artists acquires film rights to John Flanagan’s YA fantasy series Ranger’s Apprentice and is courting Paul Haggis to write and direct the first film. Well, sure. The name Paul Haggis is virtually synonymous with “children’s fantasy franchise.” [HR]

Death Cab Returns: That sound you hear is a whole bunch of Pitchforks being sharpened as Death Cab for Cutie announces the release of their new, as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2005’s Plans, due in late May. [Billboard]

Bhatt to Biopic Bhutto: Indian producer Aneela Khan announces plans for a biopic of recently assassinated Pakistani political leader Benazir Bhutto, to be helmed by Mahesh Bhatt. Khan tells India’s Daily Times that she doesn’t want to create any controversy with the film. We wish her good luck with that. [HR]

Attractive Actress Cast As Bond Girl