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Ben Silverman Calls Writers ‘Mean,’ ‘Ugly’

Courtesy of Fox

Silverman Lashes Out: NBC chairman and Vulture hero Ben Silverman says the Writers Guild’s refusal to grant a waiver for the now-scrapped Golden Globes ceremony is like “the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school … trying to cancel the prom.” We’re not sure we agree, but we’d still dance with him. [E! via Defamer]

Golden Globes Lose Big Money: According to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, the cancellation of the Golden Globes will cost the local economy upwards of $80 million — and that’s just Jack Nicholson’s bar tab. Zing! [Variety]

Cera’s Drunk History: In this semi-humorous YouTube short about a drunk person’s retelling of the Burr-Hamilton duel, McLovin friend Michael Cera stars as Alexander Hamilton. This is probably as good as it gets until the writers’ strike is resolved. [Comedy Central Insider]

No Country for Old Critics: No Country for Old Men took top honors at last night’s Critics Choice Awards, winning Best Picture, Best Director, and the statue for Best Supporting Actor going to Javier Bardem. Even so, we still don’t quite get the ending. [AP]

Culture Blogs Struggle to Fill Space on Slowest News Day in History: Stereogum is posting nine-year-old Beck videos, Pop Candy is soliciting photos of reader mustaches, and Vulture is wildly speculating on the events of McLovin’s weekend.

Ben Silverman Calls Writers ‘Mean,’ ‘Ugly’