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Dave Grohl and Beyoncé to Scab It Up at the Grammys

Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: WireImage (strikers, Beyonce), Getty Images (Grohl)

Amid fears that the ongoing writers’ strike might prevent next month’s Grammy Awards from being anything but the glorious miracle that we’re all accustomed to, SAG members Beyoncé and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl (he was in that Tenacious D movie and an episode of The X-Files) have announced they will break with their guild, defy picket lines, and perform at the ceremony. The Recording Academy released a statement today with quotes from Grohl, his manager, and Beyoncé’s dad, all of whom reiterated the musicians’ intent to play the February 10 awards, writers be damned.

Really, though, who could possibly blame them? With the music business expected to drop dead any minute, this is likely their last-ever chance to promote their recent albums on prime-time network TV. And with American Gladiators airing at the exact same time as the Grammys, there’s a decent chance that some viewers might accidentally flip past them on their way to NBC. Who would turn down publicity like that? No word yet on if their fellow SAG members Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, Tim McGraw, Jack White, Jon Bon Jovi, T.I. (Edit: T.I. will be respecting picket lines by default, since he’ll be at home under house arrest. Solidarity!), and Fantasia will make the ceremony, but they’d be crazy if they didn’t!

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Dave Grohl and Beyoncé to Scab It Up at the Grammys