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Breaking: McLovin, Too, Eats Food

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McLovin Eats! Our sister blog Grub Street spotted thespian Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse exiting a Williamsburg diner over the weekend, probably on his way to a preemptive Oscar celebration. [Grub Street]

America’s Love Affair With Disc-Based Media Finally Coming to an End? In 2007, consumers purchased fewer DVDs than they did the previous year for the first time since the format was introduced ten years ago, presumably because they were saving their money for the extra-special deluxe five-disc edition of Superbad that we expect to be announced any minute now. [USAT]

United Artists Cuts a Deal Tom Cruise’s United Artists has announced a side deal with the Writers Guild, finally allowing the studio to get back to work on that Lions for Lambs sequel. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Bill Gates: Secretly Awesome? To celebrate his last-ever Consumer Electronics Show keynote speech before his imminent retirement, Bill Gates recorded a video in which he works out with Matthew McConaughey, raps with Jay-Z, begs Bono to join U2, and auditions for a Spielberg movie. [Gizmodo]

Microsoft Wants to Be Your Cable Company: Oh, also, during his address, Gates announced deals with Disney-ABC, MGM, NBC Universal, and Showtime to bring their content to Microsoft’s Xbox 360, making the video-game console some type of Internet-streaming DVR-type thingy. Since everyone knows there’s no money in the distribution of Internet content, all companies are expected to suffer huge financial losses as a result. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Breaking: McLovin, Too, Eats Food