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Clay Aiken Is the Ron Paul of the Entertainment World

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The sleepy comments pages of have exploded in the past 24 hours thanks to a single, indefatigable force: the power of Claymates. Anyone who has ever written anything about Clay Aiken knows that he is the Ron Paul of the entertainment world: Like Paul, Aiken is followed by a cadre of fans that will tirelessly seek out anything written about the man and instantly, and overwhelmingly, respond. (This innocuous Quote Machine from back in July, featuring Aiken, was the subject of the most e-mails Vulture’s ever received about a single post.)

So it should be no surprise that since Ariel Levy’s fascinating profile of Aiken in the current issue of New York was posted online last night, it has already accumulated 104 comments, and counting. Some are from appreciative Claymates thanking Levy for writing such a thoughtful piece; most are from crazy Claymates with a bone to pick. Nearly all of them include digressions in which the writers loudly proclaim their everlasting love for Clay. A collection of the most passionate, after the jump.

Clay is without a doubt my favorite artist ever. I know there have been great artists and songwriters but I just enjoy the heck out of Clay. I guess you could say he gives me the warm fuzzies and really moves me when he sings. I was hooked at the first note that came out of his mouth. His talent, his charm, the fact that he is a wonderful, genuine and giving person has me totally hooked. —spacekmam

I hope and pray he can find a Church somewhere he can feel comfortable in because I think that is where he will find the woman God has planned for him, to be his soulmate and fullfill his life. —afan

Clay Aiken is the real deal, a true Southern gentleman who choses not to brag about his many obvious gifts. He’s hardly a “hick.” Believe me, I know plenty of hicks, and Clay is about as far from hickdom as they come. —Jasmine15000

The most important fact, is that Clay is in Spamalot and Clay is doing a FANTASTIC JOB and you should see for yourself! His comedic timing, and the pure fun he has on stage is such a joy to watch! His voice is superb and the whole evening is sooo enjoyable! —Useyourvoice2

I love Clay Aiken. Please feature and showcase musical singing sensation and platinum recording artist and America’s Favorite Idol CLAY AIKEN a whole lot more in NY Magazine. Clay Aiken is my favorite male singer and male entertainer. —clayaikenrulez1

Gay or straight… I hope he discovers the joy of sex and the sooner..the better. He deserves both happiness and acceptance. My wish for him.. someday he will receive the respect he so desperately seeks.. He is much easier to Love because he truly needs to be valued by others. I think WE are both a lot confused. —Confused

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Clay Aiken Is the Ron Paul of the Entertainment World