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Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘The Museum Vaults’

A lone art expert is called in to appraise the vast collection of an ancient art museum in Paris. Deeper and deeper he goes into the museum’s endless layers of vaults and galleries, until he realizes he’s spending his entire life digging into the past.

Today on the Comics Page, we’re proud to present an excerpt from Marc-Antoine Mathieu’s Kafka-meets-Escher graphic novel The Museum Vaults: Excerpts From the Journal of an Expert.

Commissioned by the Louvre, The Museum Vaults is a darkly cheeky look at museum culture and the business of history. The book is out now from NBM.

The Museum Vaults, by Marc-Antoine Mathieu

For more, check out The Museum Vaults, out now from NBM.

Art © 2006 Futuropolis/Musée du Louvre, © 2007 NBM for the English translation.

Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘The Museum Vaults’