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David Simon Apologizes to Baltimore

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Simon Stares Down the Mayor: In a long, long, long piece in Baltimore magazine, David Simon sort of apologizes to Baltimore, admits he “soaks that shit up” when people call The Wire art, and gleefully retells a story about the time he out-talked Baltimore’s mayor when Hizzoner wanted to kick the series out of the city. [Baltimore]

Carbon-Neutral Torture: Kiefer and the 24 crew attempt to go green in this entertaining New Republic story. Highlight: A production manager joyfully points out a Prius in the parking lot, and the reporter doesn’t have the heart to tell him it’s her car. [New Republic]

Indy Trailer Basically Good Enough: This spy report of the Indiana Jones trailer sounds totally plausible, because it sounds like it could basically have been the trailer for all the other Indiana Jones movies. [Ain’t It Cool News]

Mendes Goes Seriocomic: Sam Mendes will direct a comedy written by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, possibly to star John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph. Why not just cast Dave and Vendela? They probably have more box-office pull. []

TV Is Alive Again!: Fox’s not-as-great-as-we-hoped The Moment of Truth soared in the ratings, scoring 23 million viewers and holding on to much of American Idol’s lead-in audience. We remain convinced that making it Celebrity Moment of Truth would result in ratings double that. [Variety]

David Simon Apologizes to Baltimore