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Denzel Washington Is Not Immune to the Charms of Denzel Washington

Denzel WashingtonPhoto: WireImage

“I understand the business of it. And I said all right, all right, not bad casting.” Denzel Washington on casting himself in The Great Debaters [AP]

“You know — there’s Superman, Spider-Man — I’m Richard-Man. This is what I wear to joyously shine and sparkle for people!” Richard Simmons on his signature Dolphin short uniform [TONY]

“I’m hanging in there because I want one to be really scary and become a hit. In the meantime, I’ve had lots of practice running and screaming. I’m really good at it.” One Missed Call star Shannyn Sossamon on why she continues to do horror movies [Parade]

“I’m sure 10 times more people are reading it online than in the actual paper. People have complained to me, like ‘Man, that’s expensive. Five bucks for one page.’ Well, you do get a thousand pages of interesting stuff in addition.” —comics writer Daniel Clowes on how fans have responded to his serial in The New York Times Magazine [The A.V. Club]

“I really hope people who haven’t tapped into the show will tap into it. Maybe they don’t care about gangbangers, but they care about newspapers and how information is transmitted.” —The Wire director and actor Clark Johnson, wildly overstating the TV viewing audience’s interest in newspapers and how information is transmitted [NYT]

Denzel Washington Is Not Immune to the Charms of Denzel Washington