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Fox Takes Our Advice: Get Ready for ‘Celebrity Moment of Truth’!

Photo Illustration: Getty Images; Courtesy of Fox

We’re thrilled to hear that Fox, apparently realizing that The Moment of Truth could achieve artistic genius on the level of its already substantial ratings success, is making overtures to celebrities to appear on the show. About time, we say! First up, if the show’s producers have their way, according to TMZ: Pitcher and alleged steroid-sticking-in-butt-er Roger Clemens. Who else should take a seat in the big chair, electrodes and all?

Suspected murderer Drew Peterson has reportedly asked to appear, but we think Fox can do better. We’ve already suggested Wilmer Valderrama, who frankly is a no-brainer. But wouldn’t you watch if, say, Diablo Cody was in the chair? (“Do you honestly believe a hamburger phone is more ergonomically appropriate than a regular phone?”) Or Ryan Seacrest? (“Have you ever felt the urge to just kiss Simon, right on the lips?”) Or Ben Silverman? ("Do you look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and think, ‘Oh God, what have I become?’”)

Just out of pique, we’d also like to demand of Elvis Costello, “Do you really think that fans need to buy four special editions of each of your albums to properly appreciate your music?” And Crispin Glover would be a dream guest; you could ask him any crazy-ass thing (“Have you ever performed open-heart surgery on an emu?”), and the answer would probably be yes.

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Fox Takes Our Advice: Get Ready for ‘Celebrity Moment of Truth’!