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Golden Globes Will Probably Not Be Televised — Like You Cared Anyway

Courtesy of HFPA

Over the weekend came devastating news that could potentially disappoint maybe ten people, at most — it’s now looking increasingly likely that next Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards will be an untelevised event. On Friday night, Screen Actors Guild president Alan Rosenberg, in solidarity with the striking Writers Guild, announced that no members of SAG will appear at the ceremony if it’s broadcast by NBC, an AMPTP member. This means, in lieu of celebrities, all awards would have to be presented and accepted by non-famous ugly people. Since no one wants that, obviously, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — the silly organization behind the Golden Globes — is looking into hosting a ceremony with stars, but without a telecast.

According to Nikki Finke, NBC president Jeff Zucker was threatening not to allow an awards show to take place at all, since he claims the network has a contractual right to televise the Globes, stars or not. But now it appears that he’s come to his senses and realized that if Hollywood stops handing out meaningless trophies to vapid, overpaid celebrities (and Helen Mirren), then the terrorists will truly have won. An official announcement is expected sometime this afternoon, but popular speculation is that the ceremony will happen as planned, just without TV cameras.

Well, almost as planned; like we pointed out last month, without those annoying NBC censors, stars will be permitted to drink, smoke, and swear as much as they want, probably resulting in the greatest awards show of all time — too bad we won’t get to see it! Oh, Hollywood, remind us what it is that you’re good for again?

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Golden Globes Will Probably Not Be Televised — Like You Cared Anyway