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Hannah Montana’s Switcheroo Scandal

No, not that Hannah Montana scandal, with the photos. The other Hannah Montana scandal, with the body double! At 15-year-old pop sensation Miley Cyrus’s concert Monday night at Washington’s Verizon Center, reports the Washington Post’s J. Freedom du Lac, Cyrus disappeared mid-song, only to be replaced by a wig-clad body double who finished out the song. As the Post’s Du Lac notes, given that Cyrus was lip-syncing the whole time, it’s not that big of a deal that it was someone else up there lip-syncing for a minute. Nonetheless, some haters are very, very upset.

Hannah Montana fans have got their idol’s back, of course. “THE DAY that all these people who are talking bad about miley can do that, THEN they’ll have the right to say something about it… but until then, they can go back to their little cubicles in their little office where they work with their snicker bars and write crap about someone else because miley doesn’t deserve it,” writes poster nicolette_igottheparty on one fan site. And citygirl@heart comments on an OK! story about the concert:

OMG! Ok i went to her concert and they did not show a black curtain. This is so not true. And hello? A lot of stars lip sync. I mean could you imagine singing like 2 concerts a week straight? Almost every celeb lip syncs at one point in their life. I saw Miley walk throught the door and the Jonas Brothers came out and sang while she changed. She was there for the whole song of we got the party! This is soo not true! There was no black curtain and i saw it for myself!!!! She probably was lip syncing though..

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Hannah Montana’s Switcheroo Scandal