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Is Eva Green Wonder Woman?

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Green to Don the Breastplate?: Are the Megan Gale rumors premature? Supposedly Eva Green, who would certainly make for a charmingly ESL Wonder Woman, recently flew to Sydney to audition for George Miller’s Justice League of America. [Daily Telegraph]

Brightman Conducts Symphony: Broadway star Sarah Brightman announces the release of a new album, Symphony, this month, which Brightman describes as “a coming together of many different elements, to create consonance with harmonious textures that still hold true to a common thread running down the centre of the album.” We were totally planning to buy and listen to this album, but we have a headache. [Playbill]

April Sun: Let’s hope it’s not an April Fool’s joke that Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon drops a new record called April on April 1, because the album, which primarily chronicles a failed relationship, sounds pretty great. [Billboard]

Another Shot of Tequila: MTV renews the bisexual reality dating show A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, with the intent of producing ten new episodes. In other news, many thousands of talented actresses are currently unemployed. [Variety]

Ten Days’ Journey Into Night: New Yorkers eager to escape the sunny jollity of January should note that The O’Neill Festival at Ten, a ten-day collection of Eugene O’Neill–related performances, screenings, and events featuring special appearances by Charles Durning, Natasha Richardson, Brian Murray, Zoe Caldwell, and Marian Seldes, opens at New York’s Provincetown Playhouse later this month. [NYT]

Is Eva Green Wonder Woman?