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Is Matchbox Twenty Contributing to the Delinquency of McLovin?

Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Melissa Hom (diner), WireImage (Mclovin and Thomas), iStockphoto (beer)

Yesterday, our sister blog Grub Street broke the exciting news about McLovin (real name: Christopher Mintz-Plasse) being spotted eating some food at Diner in Williamsburg on Friday night. But it turns out that wasn’t all — there may have been a drink too! Good journalists that they are, Grub Street followed up and interviewed Michael Rankin, a waiter at the restaurant, who swears he witnessed McLovin enjoying an adult beverage two nights in a row: “He was in with two guys who were all hipstered out. I was like, ‘Are you sure that guy’s of age? I think he’s drinking beer.’ The guy [one of the friends] had ordered a Stella and wine for himself and [McLovin] was drinking it… He came in again the next night, and I said, ‘I think that guy’s McLovin — you should card him,’ and the same thing happened: His buddy asked for the drink for him.”

And what was the 18-year-old McLovin doing in Williamsburg in the first place? We did some research (on Gothamist) and learned that he was in town to star in a music video for nineties alt-poppers Matchbox Twenty (no, we don’t know why). So he has a hit movie, gets his first taste of Oscar buzz, and suddenly he’s cavorting with debauched rock stars and (allegedly) bending drinking laws? C’mon, McLovin, focus! You’ve got an acceptance speech to write!

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Is Matchbox Twenty Contributing to the Delinquency of McLovin?