Is This the ‘Teeth’ Dentata?

Cloverfield’s monster isn’t the only mythical rampaging beast coming to theaters this Friday. Teeth, which won an acting award at Sundance for star Jess Weixler, is about a teenage girl with a bad case of the mythical vagina dentata, or, as Oprah would call it, “toothy vajayjay.” If Cloverfield is this week’s low-budget Spielberg, then Teeth is this week’s even-lower-budget Cronenberg. We hope all those extremely effective ads for Teeth on SportsCenter this weekend, comparing it to Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, and The Blair Witch Project, will cause a lot of horror fans to show up and then wonder what the hell it was they just watched.

But just as with Cloverfield, Teeth’s ad campaign leaves the monster at the movie’s center tantalizingly unseen. Based on descriptions of the vagina dentata’s behavior in the film, we’ve prepared an artist’s depiction of what we think it might look like. The above image is a silhouette; see it in full after the jump!

Photo: iStockPhoto

Note: A much, much more disturbing version is on the film’s Website.

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Is This the ‘Teeth’ Dentata?