Let the Internet Spoil ‘Lost’ for You

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As the season premiere of Lost approaches, are you getting that familiar itch? No, not that itch! The uncontrollable itch for spoilers — to jump ahead of everyone else and find out what happens this Thursday, because you just can’t take another day of not knowing? Luckily, the Internet is on your side, as fans have seen at least the first four episodes of the season, and multiple spoilers have been posted all over the place on message boards and on sites like DarkUFO.

The most complete description of this week’s premiere — or at least the first half — is, cleverly, embedded in a video clip, so we can’t cut and paste the text. But we’re happy to summarize it after the jump. As with all spoilers, caveat emptor, but commenters on DarkUFO and elsewhere pretty universally agree that these spoilers are at least not contradicted by other spoilers already posted elsewhere.

Spoilers below.

The most interesting thing to us? That last year’s season-ending flash-forward wasn’t a solitary occurrence. The flash-forwards continue in the new season, possibly replacing the flashbacks that were once the structural basis of every Lost episode.

Update: See what happens in the second half of episode one, and all of episode two, here!

In the present, Naomi disappears from the radio tower, and Jack goes after her with Rousseau and Ben. Meanwhile, on the beach, Desmond makes it back to shore and tells Hurley and the rest of the group that Charlie is dead, and about the message written on his hand — “Not Penny’s boat.” Hurley gets lost in the jungle and stumbles upon the cabin of the mysterious Jacob, who is revealed as … Jack’s father, Christian Shepard.

Kate is jumped by Naomi, who takes the sat phone, radios the freighter, and then dies. Locke and Jack get in a fight, and Jack tries to kill Locke, but the gun he pulls has no bullets left.

What happens next? Find out here!

MAJOR SPOILERS : Episode 4.01 — Read at your own risk - by Post Produxtion [DarkUFO]

Update: See what happens in the second half of episode one, and all of episode two, here!

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Let the Internet Spoil ‘Lost’ for You