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Matthew McConaughey Has High, High Hopes for His Child

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“Make no doubt about it. My kid will dance. He will be on the beach and he will be taking hikes with a wild bandana on.” Matthew McConaughey, assuring us we can look forward to a lifetime of naked bongo drumming from his baby-to-be [People]

“A junkie can’t do what the fuck I do. I try to tell them [the police]. I am the ultimate high, understand? I am my drug, you understand me?” Lil Wayne, making the dubious case that you can’t be on drugs if you are one [Pr-Inside]

“I read the script for the first time and there was this scene with a turkey, which I won’t elaborate on, because it’s a fantastic scene, but I thought, ‘How the hell are they going to do that scene?’ and then we got there, and they built this like … I don’t even know. It must have cost like 8 million dollars, this awesome animatronic turkey. That’s where all the budget went, just the turkey.” Kevin Hefferman on working with the wildlife in Strange Wilderness [ComingSoon]

“I largely ascribe to something I call the Collective Anger Quota. It works like this: every offending cultural object — movie, TV show, ice-cream flavor, what have you — demands that a certain amount of anger be generated in response to it. If tons of people despise something — like, say, the comedy of Carlos Mencia — the Anger Quota has already been filled, and I don’t have to feel strongly about it one way or another … In the case of Juno, so many people I know dislike it that I’m off the hook. ” Simpsons writer and producer Tim

“He was thinking that I was Antonio Banderas. I didn’t want to say the truth, because I didn’t want to disappoint him.” Javier Bardem on his No Country for Old Men co-star Woody Harrelson [People]

Matthew McConaughey Has High, High Hopes for His Child