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Michael Jackson Finds a Way to Make the Grammys Even More Unbearable

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Michael Jackson Returns!: Jacko will allegedly show up at the Grammys, claims the L.A. Times’ Tom O’Neil. In response, we’re planning to beg Lane to watch the awards instead of us. [LAT]

Judith Regan Settles!: Judith Regan settles her lawsuit against HarperCollins for an unspecified amount. “Okay, okay, she’s not anti-Semitic,” Harper grudgingly admits. [Variety]

Can Riggins/Smash Slash Be Far Behind?: Human Giant’s Aziz Ansari writes Friday Night Lights fan fiction. Inspirational moment: “Mrs. Williams. I’m not from any college. I’m from a special unit of the CIA. I was at the Panthers game last Friday and I’m certain that Smash is the fastest human being alive.” [Aziz Is Bored]

Art Wikimarathon: In a very cool idea, contemporary-art lovers and scenesters are planning to spend tomorrow dramatically improving the art coverage on Wikipedia. Perhaps there’s another important aspect of American culture in which Wikipedia’s coverage falls sadly short? [Art Wikimarathon via Art Fag City]

Music Business Doing Just Terrific: The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry estimates that 95 percent of all music downloading worldwide is piracy. Great news, since this probably decreases your chances of getting caught! [SMH]

Michael Jackson Finds a Way to Make the Grammys Even More Unbearable