Nope, We’re Still Not Sick of ‘Umbrella’

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1. Rihanna, “Umbrella (Total Bummer mix)”
DJ Marcos Efe turns in a jackbooted bummer of a remix on 2007’s de facto jam of the year. It sounds like the Knife, minus the spooky vocals. [Cause=Time]

2. Xiu Xiu (feat. Michael Gira), “Under Pressure”
Xiu Xiu gets some help from the Swans’ Gira on this pretty amazing Queen cover. [MP3 This]

3. The Hood Internet, “Bumpangel (Burial vs. Spank Rock)”
The Hood Internet’s DJ STV SLV is like a music Goldilocks here. This Burial track is too dark and moody; the Spankrock track is too light and silly. This mash-up, though, is just right. [Pitchfork]

4. Arctic Monkeys, “Bakery (live)”
This version of the recent Monkeys B-side (recorded live and acoustic for Boston’s WFNX) is a taut little song about a missed connection at — you guessed it! — a bakery. As you also may have guessed, it’s awesome. [Ryan’s Smashing Life]

5. Bun B (feat. Sean Kingston), “That’s Gangsta”
An uninspired yet solid solo tune from UGK’s now-partnerless Bun B that just makes us think of how sad we are over the death of Pimp C. What a bummer. [XXLmag]
—Ehren Gresehover

Nope, We’re Still Not Sick of ‘Umbrella’