Of Montreal Does M.I.A.!

Photo: Lola Peach / Retna Pictures

1. Of Montreal, “Jimmy”
Of Montreal covers M.I.A.’s reworking of Parvati Khan’s song from the 1982 Bollywood flick Disco Dancer. Awesome! [You Ain’t No Picasso]

2. ABX, “Moneymaking Money Maker That Makes Money”
ABX’s hilariously literal (if ideologically confused) mash-up of Rilo Kiley’s “Money Maker” with the Ludacris song of the same name is, itself, money. [Who Killed the Mixtape?]

3. General Elektriks feat. Mr. Lif., “Requiem for a Neo-Con”
Not so much a diatribe against Richard Perle as a pun on the Serge Gainsbourg sorta-hit “Requiem pour un Con,” this track is every bit as slithery and menacing as its title suggests. [Pitchfork]

4. Super Furry Animals, “Neo Consumer” (live on Letterman)
It’s a good thing The Late Show has an interim agreement with the WGA, since it probably would’ve been hard work for these Welsh oddballs to carry all those amplifiers and synthesizers across picket lines. [Stereogum]

5. Amy Winehouse, “Rehab (DED Remix)”
Here’s a punchy, sax-heavy remix of Winehouse’s breakthrough hit, which is in no way ironic given recent events. [Los Amigos de Durutti]
Ehren Gresehover

Of Montreal Does M.I.A.!