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Omar Comes to MTV: Aziz Ansari Reports on the ‘Wire’–‘Human Giant’ Crossover

Aziz Ansari, Michael K. Williams, and Paul Scheer on the set.Photo: Melissa Hom

For Season Two of our MTV show Human Giant, we are shooting a sketch where the Illusionators, magicians John Satan and Scott Devil, find themselves in a Dog the Bounty Hunter/Michael Richards–type quandary involving the N-word. As they try to make amends with America, they decide to add a black member to the group.

Paul Scheer and I are huge Wire fans, and our first choice for this role was Omar himself — Michael K. Williams. When Michael got to set yesterday afternoon, it was clear no one had filled him in on the sensitive subject matter dealt with in the scene. So, Paul and I had to do it. Great. We were a little terrified to pitch a sketch involving magicians saying the N-word to a man with the ability to channel Omar, but luckily Michael was into it and he was hilarious as an Illusionator.

After the shoot, we went to the office and played our weekly Human Giant poker game. As we were playing, we heard the faint whistle of “The Cheese Stands Alone” — next thing I know there’s a shotgun in my face and our money is gone.

Marlo, Partlow, and Snoop — if you are reading this, please help us get our money back. —Aziz Ansari

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Omar Comes to MTV: Aziz Ansari Reports on the ‘Wire’–‘Human Giant’ Crossover