Oscar Buzz for McLovin Reaches Fever Pitch

Photo illustration: Columbia Pictures (McLovin), Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscar)

Just before we split for the holidays, Vulture made a plea to Oscar voters to not forget one of our favorite movie performances of 2007: Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s as Superbad’s McLovin. Turns out someone might’ve actually been listening! On Wednesday, the results of the Village Voice/L.A. Weekly Critics Film Poll were released, and Mintz-Plasse received seven votes as one of the year’s best supporting actors. Sure, one of them was from a Vulture editor and two more were from regular New York contributors, but four of them were from critics we don’t even know personally! We’re not looking for any credit here; just don’t act surprised when McLovin takes home an award on February 24.

Critics Voting for Christopher Mintz-Plasse [VV]

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Oscar Buzz for McLovin Reaches Fever Pitch