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Practically Confirmed: Jay-Z Might Be Launching a Record Label With Apple

Photo Illustration: Getty Images (Jay-Z), Courtesy of Apple (iPod)

We were hesitant to report on Jay-Z’s supposed upcoming venture with Apple — but that was way back this morning when the whole thing was just a rumor. The Boy Genius Report claimed to have confirmation that Hova, who recently left his position as the president of Def Jam, is founding a record label of sorts that will somehow act in conjunction with iTunes. Other tech Websites called bullshit, but then Rolling Stone’s Rock & Roll Daily blog managed to track down a spokesperson for Def Jam who could “neither confirm or deny the report,” but does say that Jay is “considering several different options.” Hell, that’s good enough for us — he must be doing it!

According to BGR, Jay-Z’s job at the purported label would be to “develop and attract artists like he did at Def Jam,” though he’ll probably be just one of a number of high-profile musicians to do that. The new company will likely act primarily as a digital distribution system, and forgo the costly marketing budgets and lawsuits against customers that have made traditional labels some of the most profitable and well-liked corporations in American business. We expect everything to be announced at the MacWorld conference in two weeks, along with new iPhones and an upgraded line of MacBook Pros whose batteries are powered by the scowling of crotchety, out-of-work record-company executives.

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Practically Confirmed: Jay-Z Might Be Launching a Record Label With Apple