Radiohead Is the Anti–Rolling Stones

1. Radiohead, “Nude” (live)
While American Radiohead fans were forced to pack themselves into a church — a church! — yesterday to hear Jonny Greenwood’s new classical piece, 200 lucky British ones were treated to an awesome free in-store performance (see above) where they were likely allowed to smoke, curse, and take the Lord’s name in vain. [NME]

2. WHY?, “Close to Me” (The Cure cover)
This obnoxiously named Oakland band covers the Cure track with some Blake Lewis–style mouth percussion. WHY? Excellent question! [Stereogum]

3. Buckshot & 9th Wonder, “Go All Out”
The pair return with a horny single from their forthcoming new record. We’d totally listen to this on the car ride home from work tonight if we owned a car and weren’t blogging from home today. [Nah Right]

4. Supergrass, “Diamond Hoo Ha Man”
Yes, we’ve already posted this track twice before — here are the live version and the studio one — but now it has a funny video! [Dead Flowers]

5. Felice Brothers, “Frankie’s Gun”
This quartet of real-life brothers from the Catskills just signed to Conor Oberst’s record label, which is weird because it’s hard to sound sad when there’s an accordion in your band. [Fuel Friends]

Radiohead Is the Anti–Rolling Stones