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Lies About His Castmates Are Rainn Wilson’s Strike Beard

Photo: Patrick McMullan

“Well, I think Leslie [David Baker], who plays Stanley, has taken up rock climbing, and Meredith is actually a prostitute now. Steve Carell is a pool shark. And John Krasinski has gone into international diplomacy.” Rainn Wilson on how The Office cast has kept busy during the strike [EW]

“Some are more able and more capable than others. The most famous, of course, is Jenna Jameson, who I want to say to any young person reading this article: There will be no more Jenna Jamesons. There will be no more. Stop right now. Stay in school.” Nina Hartley, doling out advice for those interested in a career in porn [A.V. Club]

“The public eventually are gonna get sick to death of me. Nine years is probably enough to inflict on anyone.” Simon Cowell on the possibility of leaving American Idol when his contract runs out in two years [EW]

“That was surreal. Gwyneth Paltrow was backstage. I lost to her in ping-pong.” Stephen McBean of Black Mountain on opening for Coldplay on their 2005 tour [Rolling Stone]

“I want to work with Madonna, Bono or Mick Jagger. I’m on some rock shit, man. Snoop Dogg, man!” Snoop Dogg, who is on some rock shit [MTV]

Lies About His Castmates Are Rainn Wilson’s Strike Beard