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Ricky Gervais Would Like to Teach the World to Dance

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“I won’t be happy until I have seen an Inuit doing David Brent’s dance.” Ricky Gervais on the news that a Chilean TV outlet will remake The Office [The Chortle]

“There are certain times when you watch the show back … and hate yourself for what you said at the time and that’s partly because you don’t know the person’s back story normally before they walk in the room. I mean, for all I know, their dog had died an hour ago and they’re singing this in memory of the dog and I or anyone else is rude and you watch it back when you see the whole story unfold and it’s horrible.” Simon Cowell, who only feels bad for his criticism when contestants are in mourning [IGN]

“It’s much easier than martial arts! With the terminators—there’s no finesse involved.” —Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Summer Glau on preparing physically for her role [E!]

“They didn’t even pick up phone calls or emails for three weeks. I’m trying to find out what’s behind it. Probably a good thing that I’m no longer with them.” Annie Lennox on the Andy Millman–like dumping she got from her record label, Sony-BMG [Mirror]

“They couldn’t be green — they would have vanished in the vegetation. Red would have been too flashy and yellow a bit unfortunate. Only blue was left!” Nine Culliford, wife of Smurfs cartoonist Peyo Culliford [Time]

Ricky Gervais Would Like to Teach the World to Dance